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Our Expertise

Web, Mobile, Desktop applications

Our FrontEnd developers specialize in Angular, JavaScripts, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, Java for Droid, JNI, Objective-C,  iOS, Android  SDK, and more, to develop any client application, for any device or browser, in any operating system.

Let us help you boost your project, develop and maintain your software, using cutting edge technologies. You will gain the BEST result, FAST.

We also do Tailor made business Web Sites on WordPress + plugins, Bootstrap, HTML, JavaScript – whatever is needed, according to customers definitions. 
The results are unique and personal. The price is more than fair.

Servers Technologies

We can help you develop and maintain the core functional logic and operations on the BackEnd sides. Including server operations, data management, services layers, server processes,
API, database computing, application integration and load balancing.

We will adopt your high-level programming languages whether it is C#, Java, Python,, PHP or other, or suggest the best language to use, according to our knowledge.

Sometimes Re-write for parts of the code is needed, or even Conversion from old legacy language to a new one. We will help you handle that as well. Been there done that.

While development of BackEnd functionality, we pay attention to efficient design to support servers speed and performance, to allow system native growth, and to function under load. We take it all under consideration – you can count on our experience, and professionalism, to provide high quality systems. It is important to us, as much as to deliver fast on time.

End to End Solution

When you need a programmer, who will take ownership on the solution End to End, FullStack developer is the right person for you.

FullSatck developer is a unique profile. This person has to know best, a diverse line of technologies, in order to implement the FronEnd programming and the BackEnd programming.

We will develop and maintain both: client and server sides: user interface, Business logic, database, API, communication protocols, security, load balancing, performance and more – everything.

Our FullStack developer has a lot of experience from the Israeli high-tech industry, worked with many technologies, in several companies, “switched sides” from FrontEnd to BackEnd along the years, so he is perfect for such mission.

You get one focal point to look at the system end to end to close all the loose ends. It is easy that way. 

We Do Robots As Well

Magnificent technologies are being developed as a combination of Software and Machines. Among us there are few Hardware developers.

If you need such technical persons who can help with hardware solutions for medical labs, industrial factories and autonomic machines, you have found them. 
We work with PLC controllers, cameras, sensors, designated cards, motions systems and do algorithms for servers, data processing, diagnostics and process monitoring 

We had done so far:

  • Machine motion optimization
  • Robotic solutions
  • Automatic parking lots management
  • Medical labs devices controllers

Developed in C#, QT, Java, Java Access Bridge, Python, PHP and more… Our happy customers, are our best diploma.

Nothing is like a good advice

As senior developers and senior managers at the Israeli high-tech industry, we have seen a lot along the years. Gained experience in how a development organization should work and grow, bumped into many technical challenges and overcome them.

We know, that as much as you invest in thinking and planning as best as the results you would gain.

So, if you are a startup in the early stages of setup, or a mature company in a refreshing phase we can help you with:

  • Architecture design
  • Overcome technical challenges
  • Development tools and methods
  • Code review
  • Replacing technology or converting programming language
  • Code re-write
  • Team training
  • Recruitment

Call us for good advice, we can shorten the process.


CodeBusterz, is a community of independent programmers, graduated Israeli universities Like Ben-Gurion, Technion, Tel Aviv, with computer’s science degrees.

We started our careers as developers and worked our way up to lead development organizations at Israeli high-tech industry. Worked as DEV managers, CTOs, VP R&Ds and Project managers. We have tones of experience, each in his areas of expertise. For us, computer science and code development are not only our profession but also our passion and our love. We eat and breath technology.

Today we are practicing freelancing development separately, but with high cooperation level. Together our whole is greater that our parts!

  • We consult each other on complex project – we value each other knowledge, and get help from the community.
  • We Develop together for the same customer – when projects require additional resources.
  • We market ourselves together – to save resources and focus on what we love: programming.
  • We share the same interests and enjoy each other company.

When you call us,  you pair with the relevant developer and start working with him directly, No middle man or company. No extra costs. Simple.

+ You gain the community behind.

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