4 – Why Outsourcing?

  1. Lower recruitment and employment costs
    • Shortening of long and expensive recruitment processes
    • Savings in related expenses: social benefits, office, computerization, welfare and more …
    • No costs on holidays or vacations
    • Pay only for actual productive work hours
  2. Immediate availability
    • Professional workers who are familiar with the technology needed immediately.
    • Short onboarding and study times, without any impact on the existing teams
    • Flexibility to project changes – short adjustment times
  3. Introducing new knowledge and innovation to society
    • Experienced employees teach existing teams by examples and actual implementation instead of theories and courses
    • The organization’s exposure to work processes and new and effective tools that may not have been known or not used until now
  4. Consult senior manager
    • External auditing by an experienced and skilled professional for managers to improve the efficiency and productivity of the existing team’s technology and practices

4 – When does it fit?

  1. When a project needs acceleration
    • If predefined with very tight schedules
    • If there is a delay in the timetables, that needs a catchup
    • Before a presentation to investors or a notice to the public
    • Before an exhibition, marketing conference or demo.
  2. Short-term projects
    • In order to avoid a long ramp up time of hiring training the teams, at the beginning of the project
    • In order to avoid lettingtting employees go at the end of the project when no additional project available or in plans
  3. When the company needs temporary support
    • A young company that is not prepared to deal with employee – employer relationships, before raising funds, no offices yet, no accounting infrastructure
    • An old company that wants to refresh veteran teams and expose them to the technologies and methods that exist outside the company
  4. When there are maintenance and rewriting tasks
    • In order to enable existing teams to advance with innovation tasks and prevent erosion

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